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Ubqari Cool Powder, Thandak Powder (Prickly Heat Powder)


  •  It keeps you healthy, stronger and fresh in extremely hot weather.
  • It’s a pleasant and amazing way of healing for all kind of summer diseases e.g. thirst, anxiety, stress, fever, vomiting, dizzying, burning bladder, swelling, dry intestines, burning hands and legs, dry mouth, acnes.
  • A sudden dark vision, problem in urinating, fear, lack of hunger, dull face, drops after urinating in youth, burning urine, spermatorrhoea, night discharge, leukorrhea and certain problems in women, sunstroke, palpitation, weakness etc.
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Thandak Powder
(Prickly Heat Powder)
Pakistan is among those ten countries in the world who sustain extreme and rapidly changing weather conditions e.g. flood, drought, hurricanes, wild rains and high temperature. Globally increase in average temperature since last several years has also affected our country, particularly in open fields. Increasing heat in summer and trend of increasing spices in our daily meals has caused several diseases which were seen early very rarely. We can see these days, every other person fallen in summer diseases e.g. burning stomach, wounds in mouth, extreme thirst, dried mouth, bladder heat, dull face, yellowish eyes, extreme blood loss, fretful, laziness, a sudden dark view, failing to fast during the month of Ramadan due to specific summer diseases, dizziness, high blood pressure and weak heart etc.
A Research Center of Ubqari Dawa Khana has developed a medicine called “Thandak Powder” to heal aforementioned problems very effectively.


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